Mediterranean Monitoring Institute


Mediterranean Monitoring Institute:

  • Head operational office
  • Command of forces for Mediterranean
  • Overseeing centre for AIS
  • Crisis management centre

Mediterranean Monitoring Institute is developing division in each of the following countries:

  • The Republic of Slovenia
  • The Republic of Croatia
  • The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    District Brčko
  • The Republic of Serbia
  • The Republic of Montenegro

Ships available for the project:

  • the ship Sirius in the sea port of Kotor
  • the ship Bios in the river port of Novi Sad
  • 15 speedboats, deployed in 14 bases in the Adriatic Sea



Activities that Mediterranean Monitoring Institute is already carrying out:

Research project about underwater munition dumping – The Brioni Islands

School centre expansion project and introduction of ecological workshops

Servising and other repairworks of the scientific research ship Sirius, Kotor, The Republic of Montenegro

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