The meaning for EU and for the Mediterranean region

The Mediterranean Monitoring Project will help us reach the aims of »Lisabone Treaty« because it will stimulate competition and help us quicken our research activities. With the exchange of good practice it will stimulate the cooperation between EU member states and EU candidate member states, which is also one of the aims of »Lisabon Treaty«.

This project will also follow the aims of the Directive 2000/60/ES of the EU Parliament and the EU Council from 23 October 2000, which defines the frame of the strategy of EU in the field of water policy. Our project will among other things follow the » Strategy for the prevention of water pollution«.

The project will contribute to the aims of the » Convention dealing with the prevention of sea water pollution with sewage and other substances« as it will help with its research and professional facilities to reduce pollution caused by throwing waste and other substances into the sea.

This project will among other things pay respect also to two protocols.The first is the protocol dealing with the protection of the Mediterranean Sea against the pollution at the time of research works, and against the exploitation of epicontinental layer , the sea bed and its underworld.

The second one is the protocol dealing with the prevention of pollution of the Mediterranean Sea because of dangerous waste crossing borders, and with the removal of dangerous waste.

The project calls your attention to degradation of natural environment as the consequence of pollution. The implementation of this project will help us solve problems and reach aims of this operational programme. Through protection of environment and nature we will reach a long term development.

The project will contribute to weaker influence on the environment and on the nature. And will enable mutual solutions of regional problems..An important part of the project is also its indirect contribution to the formation of the »Maritime strategy of coastal states of the Mediterranean Sea«.

The project will support equality between both sexes. All project partners will engage representatives among men and women. At the implementation of the project we will see to the fact that equal economic independence for both sexes will be respected and that the private life of employees will comply with their professional life. , and that at making decisions men and women will be equally represented. As for the key personnel there will be no hindrances according to their sex, race, origin, religion or belief, or their disability , age, or sexual inclination. The above stated facts will be followed also by all aim groups.

The project implementation will be carried out with the latest up-to-date technological equipment. The key personnel of our project partners will be instructed how to use this modern technological equipment in order to be able to protect the environment and to preserve and revitalize the nature. At the implementation of the project we will make sure that communities and companies cooperating with this project will get the necessary acces to information needed. This will also contribute to digitalisation, to promotional activities, to data basis , and to symplification of data exchange.

In the year 2009 approximatelly 15 billion dollars of damage was caused by bad weather.There were also about 7,000 casualities. Additional 1,900 people lost their lives because of earthquakes and vulcanic eruptions. According to the EU Commission reports the direct damage because of climate changes was evaluated to 70 billion EUR and it demanded some tens of tfousands of victims.

Our project can contribute to essentially lower number of victims and to smaller finantial losses.



Activities that Mediterranean Monitoring Institute is already carrying out:

Research project about underwater munition dumping – The Brioni Islands

School centre expansion project and introduction of ecological workshops

Servising and other repairworks of the scientific research ship Sirius, Kotor, The Republic of Montenegro

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