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Nanotechnology: research and development
MIM supports responsible development of nanotechnology. Its strategy is:

  • to develop nanotechnology products
  • to devolve nanotechnology applications
  • to contribute toward standard development in nanotechnology
  • to build the public acceptance of nanotechnology

The general aim of MIM is to provide in knowledge supply pool in nanotechnology. The vision of MIM is to translated nanotechnology from the research labs to consumer use, motivated by sustainability, economic optimization, safety issue and public participation.

MIM is interested in development and improvement of biomedical (nanosensing, implants...) and environmental applications (nanosensing, water treatment and monitoring). MIM is aware of social dimension of nanotechnologies and the need to address ethical and social challenges with full responsibility.

Our other projects

The project of Mediterranean Monitoring Institute was started because of our awareness of the maritime environment in the region of the Mediterranean Sea.Taking into account its hydrographical and ecological specialities, ecological balance, extra rich biodiversity, and its vulnerability in case of pollution we decided to stimulate with our activity all Mediterranean countries to a new approach of solving ecological problems with an innovative approach through which it will be possible to prevent degradation, pollution and destruction.Being aware of our responsibility for the preservation of this mutual heritage for the wellbeing and happiness of the present and future generations we defined the aim and the vision of this project in order to preserve the Mediterranean as it once was and as it is still present in our memory.

Operational field

In its first stage the operational field will extend from Cape Spartel lighthouse possitioned at the Gibraltar entrance to the line formed by Mehmetčik and Kumkale lighthouse at Dardanele. In the second stage it will extend to all countries in the Sava and Danube basin and to all countries at the Black Sea and Red Sea till Bab-El-Mandeb.

In the period of first two years the basic activities will be carried out in the Adriatic Sea and along the leading international shipping corridors. The reason for such decision has its roots in the economic expansion which arose from enormous pollitical changes and because it is so to say a closed area and very sensitive and vulnerable.



Activities that Mediterranean Monitoring Institute is already carrying out:

Research project about underwater munition dumping – The Brioni Islands

School centre expansion project and introduction of ecological workshops

Servising and other repairworks of the scientific research ship Sirius, Kotor, The Republic of Montenegro

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